Exciting news

8 December 2018

Fantastic and Fabulous news in  STEMex for the past 4 months!

Since our last blog post in August we have been quiet for a long while. A lot has happened in STEMex team.

We have launched our new website with more detailed information and updates on the courses details and activities. Major changes that we would love to draw your focus on including: Our brand new Forum platform that allows parents and the STEM community to share their reviews.; Chinese is now available for our visitors; and we are beginning to produce more videos in our Youtube channel to provide an insight in what we do in class. We have received tremendous responses from audiences of website, Google Display and YouTube channels.  Thanks you all for your support!

Our Saturday Trial Class has received an encouraging response. A taste of our Robotics, Coding & Smart City courses allow us to explain more in-depth what’s inquiry-based learning approach to STEM and how kids benefits from this learning approach in cultivate innovation and creativity. We are happy to see the exciting growth of learners in our Saturday regular workshop and plan to further expand to weekdays after school workshop. Click here for details.

For all our school programs participants, we will be sharing class activities updates in our Forum. After creating an account, parents will be able to get regular updates and details on the STEM classes. We hope this brand new platform will allow everyone who will be joining our school programs to share their feedbacks and opinions.

We have also launched several new courses including: Roller Coasters, littleBits®, Wind-up Toys and new Minecraft® courses.

As of last year, we are continuing to support the community in promoting STEM. In December, we will be joining the DesignInspire Workshop organised by HK Trade Development Council and arrange Facebook Live during the workshop. In the workshop, We will be using littleBits® to promote Smart City concepts to students age between 7-11. Because of the superb response from the audience, we will be offering extra trial class on Dec 15th at our centre.

We will continue to work more harder to bring more new international STEM learning to HK market.

Primary School Support to Kids in STEM Learning

16 June 2018

STEM course, STEM, Coding, Robotics, STEM Education

STEM Learning in school is not new but what makes the students feel differently. Fun and engaging STEM activities give primary school students an impressive experience what STEM is about and the fun of learning start from solving problems. When activities are designed around the world they are living, students will want to explore how things work. Curiosity is always the best thing to drive learning motivation. That’s the basic of 「STEM for All」 in primary school.
Turn Curiosity into Learning Motivation in School Curriculum
We have STEM session in primary school general studies subject. It’s a good opportunity to explore STEM together with kids during school lesson time. At different grades, there will have different topics and activities. STEM is a wide and interdisciplinary subjects. It could be around green energy, smart city, coding, robotics, force & motion. It’s not necessary to discuss all difficult theory behind but need to illustrates how it relates to our daily and future life in simple keywords and terms.
Build STEM culture in the whole school
STEM learning is just like language learning, we need to embrace it in our daily life. To create a STEM learning environment, a themed STEM week will be a great opportunity to arouse the whole school awareness for both students and teachers. Put aside the regular school time table in a morning or afternoon and attend a STEM session at your choice. The STEM products that kids design in the session will be the next few days topics in school and family.
More in-depth STEM Extra Curricular Activities (ECA).
If school wants to drive more in-depth participation for kids in STEM, ECA is one of the choice. Activities can be designed based upon the Robotics theme, Technology & Coding theme or Smart City & Energy theme. All based on Engineering Design Process (EDP) which allows kids to innovate from different real-life problems.
STEM Staff Development
Continuous Staff Development on STEM is cruical in school development. From awareness to students innovation boost up, all have different approaches and feedback collection process. We are happy to guide school to go through the process and share your ideas how we can do better for school STEM development in Hong Kong.
Funding Support for Continuous Development
STEM development needs resources support. Extra manpower, operation funding, venue and simple equipments. Continuous funding support is a must. Government Quality Education Fund (QEF) or any similar kind of funding support is definitely benefit to STEM development. We are happy to jointly work with you on proposal and implementation here.