Wild Animals Robotics – 機械動物園: 從動物學習Robot


小朋友對動物有特別的愛護,是玩伴、是交心朋友,也是可指揮的對象。利用Lego WeDo 及簡單編碼,小朋友模仿動物園裹的不同動物的模樣及行為進行創作,構思不同情境下動物的反應,編寫動物的行動,就像與牠一起面對,在投入的情緒中尋找歡樂,建立對機械人編程的興趣,繼續使用學習的知識發揮創意。

Children love animals. They are their playmate, friends that can talk and follow order. In this Summer Camp, we will use Lego WeDo and simple coding techniques to allow children to create the animal based upon their memory and imagination. How do animals behave in facing different situations? How can they code the robot to do what they want them to do? Learners will always devote themselves in the process and try their best to innovate a solution that they feel the best.