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Introduction to Mission to Mars & Ocean Journey

24 Aug 2017

At Engineering For Kids, Robotic curriculum is designed in different themes. From Ocean to Mars, Olympic to Davinci’s Design or Environmental to Surgeons and more. Different themes represents different problems sets in different context.
In each of the course, learners will first build their own base robot then understand the challenges in different context. They will then find a solution and configure the robot to solve the specific problems. All the problems are designed for their age in our curriculum from Junior to Apprentice to Master level.

After Summer Robotic Olympic, our next theme is Mars then Ocean. In September Mission to Mars, we will build “Mars Rover” then “Launch into Space” and “Find a Safe Cover”. Throughout this course the students will explore different ways in which a robot could be utilized to explore a distant planet.

 In October Ocean Journey, the robot will release a trapped dolphin, repair a broken pipeline and deliver a box of supplies out to an oil platform. The goal is to teach students about the building and programming aspects of robotics as it relates to real-world issues in ocean exploration.

Robotics courses is not just about robots. It’s about understanding real-life problems in different aspects. Why it’s a problem and how it impacts. Students will use their imagination to provide the solution and then construct their solution for testing. It is a highly practical course that students really work on real-life.

Mission to Mars
Concept image of exploring Mars

EFK Robotics Course – What’s Inside?

17 Aug 2017

EFK Robotics courses cover Junior to Apprentice to Master level with over twenty different themes. Students in our last robotics workshop “2020 Robotics Olympics” enjoy the class very much. One of the parent comments “My son is very excited to attend the course everyday. He loves to play with EV3 so much! The course has provided a lot of creative ideas for him.” Another parent says “My son is having fun and enjoyable time in class. He loves all his work being done in class and able to share his bring back with us at home.” Not just parents, students also share their joy in their feedback. One of the girl participant, Bernice reflects in her feeling “I love having a lesson like this. This is the best lesson ever.” Another boy participant, Porus says “Instead of just learning, you are also having fun.” You can also see other people comments in our new website.

After Robotic Olympic, we will launch another popular Robotic course in North Point on every Sunday morning. The course will be about mission to Mars. Students will be coding robots this time to solve problems that human will encounter in extreme terrains on Mars. Tasks performed by robots this time will include exploring areas that humans cannot travel, assisting safe disposal of explosives, analysing data provided by sensors and react to it appropriately and mimic the behaviour of humans or animals.

Innovative minds need constant stimulation. Students will be solving new problems related to the extreme conditions on Mars this time. Different problems set will bring in different fun and challenges to learners. The learning journey will be beyond traditional classroom activities that students experience.